Welcome! I am Steve Kobrin.
I am a life-long Freedom Lover.

My love of freedom has been shaped by many influences: my conservative upbringing; my Jewish Heritage; my career as a small business owner; my practice of Bagua Kung Fu; and my commitment to community safety and security.

I am a second-generation life insurance salesman. I learned the trade from my father, Leon Kobrin, and have been running the family business since 1991.

Freedom lovers from across the country are among my clients. They include conservatives; patriots; traditional Jews; traditional Christians; military personnel; first responders; and people who simply value liberty. Our bonds extend beyond the business we do together. We share a love of God, family, and country. We treasure the freedoms that only America can protect.

It would be my honor to help you purchase the coverage you need.

We have life insurance services customized for your unique needs and preferences. Simply select the right platform for you:

(not available in NY)

  • You are between the ages of 20 – 70
  • and want life insurance for family protection
  • and have excellent health and a solid credit record
  • and do not engage in adventurous hobbies such as scuba diving or rock climbing, or travel abroad
  • and need up to $1 mil of term insurance
  • and are not replacing an existing policy
  • and don’t want to take a medical exam
  • and want the convenience of an on-line application.

For people with a medical condition or adventurous hobby:

  • You have a current health issue, or history of serious illness
  • or engage in adventurous hobbies such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, or scuba diving
  • or have negative marks on your credit / financial / motor vehicle / criminal record
  • or travel outside the US on business or pleasure
  • or have been declined or rated on prior applications.

For men and women doing estate, business, or retirement planning:

  • You need a cash-value policy
  • or are replacing a policy you have
  • or need a policy to fund your estate
  • or need a policy to cover a buy-sell agreement, key person, or business loan
  • or want assistance with premium financing
  • or require a competitive analysis of existing coverage
  • or have existing policies you would consider selling for cash
  • or have business, family or financial ties outside the US.