How do we explain “health policy” inconsistencies?

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Today our sports stadiums are full of unmasked people sitting next to each other, but our classrooms have kids wearing masks and social distancing.

How do we explain these so-called “health policy” inconsistencies? I think the answer is clear.

It must be understood that “vaccinations,” lockdowns, and masking – the entire response by the government to the Covid bioweapon – has nothing to do with protecting the public health and safety. At this point there is more than enough data to prove these measures don’t work, and actually make life worse.

Moreover, you can see this fallacy by merely looking at the administration’s attempt to eliminate our Southern border, and flood our country with sick and dangerous people. They are simply letting in people with all kinds of diseases, including Covid, and people who have committed horrible crimes, such as felons and gang members and terrorists.

A government that really wants to protect the public health and safety, keeps a very tight border. And they keep our military and law enforcement in world-class condition.

But the government response has everything to do with imposing authoritarian control over our lives. Their approach is incremental. Schools today; stadiums tomorrow. They do not care if their “health approach” is inconsistent, because controlling schools and weakening the health of our kids is a huge win for them. They will focus on sports fans next time.

This is what happens when we let Global marxists like Soros control so much of our political funding; Climate Zealots like Gates and the WEF influence government policy; and the CCP buy off so many officials, in our and other countries.

The good news is that we know exactly who our enemies are, and we have the means to subdue them. In spirit, in law, and in character, our nations – our culture and our institutions, including our governments – belong to us.

And there are SO MANY MORE of us than there are of the power-hungry elites who are trying to use our own governments to subjugate us.

The real question is this: do we have the will to defend ourselves from these authoritarian attacks?

If you look at all the resistance to Creeping Communism, worldwide, I think the answer is a resounding “yes!”

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