When people throw F-Bombs at the President

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Across the country, people are giving the verbal middle finger to our president, because of his “vaccine” mandates. The chant of “F*** Joe Biden” can be heard from New York to California, on the streets and in sports stadiums.

Good. He deserves it.

In ordinary, civil times, you at least show respect for the office, if not for the man himself. Heck, I was raised in a time when you called the parents of your friends Mr. and Mrs., not by their first names. To speak rudely was unacceptable, and to curse them – let alone any authority figure – well, that was blasphemy.

These are not ordinary, civil times. We are at war.

The dumbfounding fact is that the President of the United States has waged war on his own people. The mandatory jab is only the latest attack. Every one of his policies, both domestic and foreign, has the effect of crippling this country.

The mandatory jab, on the heels of his surrender to our arch-enemy the Taliban, was probably the last straw. His disgrace of our nation on the world stage, followed by his attempt to take over individual health practice, has shown him to be a deadly threat to the American Way of Life.

Even our most liberal citizens see this, and many among them were his loyal supporters.

When a leader shows such vile contempt for his constituency, he can expect to have that contempt thrown right back in his face. That is exactly how he should interpret all these F-Bombs coming at him.

If he doesn’t get the message soon, I am sure he can expect a lot more.

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