What to do with the Disbelievers?

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What do you do when you see a storm coming, and yet your friends and neighbors insist the sun is shining brightly?

It’s a tough situation. I faced this as a kid growing up in New York City.

The guys in my neighborhood were enemies with the guys in the next neighborhood. We tried to stay away from one another, but clashes were often unavoidable. One aggravating factor was that our school was located in their neighborhood, and their school was located in our neighborhood. If we happened to pass each other walking home from school, then fights were inevitable.

The saving grace was that their school let out fifteen minutes later than ours did. I remember pleading with my friends to not tarry on the way home: “Let’s just get into our neighborhood, and we can play there. No reason to hang out. You know what will happen if we do.” It made perfect sense to me take advantage of the time delay, and get out of the neighborhood of our arch enemies.

Why fight if you don’t really have to?

But my friends did not see it that way. “Nah, nah; don’t worry about it. Nobody will want to fight us.” They deliberately ignored the multitude of times we got into fights precisely because we delayed for some dumb reason in enemy territory.

My reaction at first was to stay loyal to them. Remain part of the crowd. But after a number of big brawls – in which I had done a lot of the brawling – I had enough. I remember distinctly walking away from my friends and declaring, “You guys are on your own.” I was not going to suffer because they refused to face reality.

Dealing with people who have their head in the sand has been an age-old problem. You know the story about how back in Biblical times, God put the Egyptian Pharaoh in his place, and liberated the Jews from slavery. But only 20% of the Jewish population left! A full 80% stayed in the land of their enslavement, even after God Himself paved the way for their freedom.

You can fast-forward to modern times, and see how many Jews and others ignored the Nazi atrocities, and stayed in Germany, only to be slaughtered.

Admittedly, it takes a lot of emotional strength to look danger in the eye; to face the fact that your world has become much more dangerous. Many Americans – many people all over the world – still cannot fully grasp the extent to which totalitarian forces are gaining control. They pretend storm clouds are sunshine.

To them I say this: you need to wake up. Those of us who see the storm for what it is, will do our best to help you. We will inform and inspire. We will even take a few lumps for you. But at the end of the day, we cannot afford to let you stand in the way of our life and liberty.

Don’t let your disbelief lead to your own downfall.

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