Don’t be a “Vaccine Addict”

Freedom Blog

Here is a good overview of the science and data that prove:

a) the “vaccine” is dangerous and ineffective, and

b) the “vaccine” push is jeopardizing not only personal freedom, but also personal health on a world-wide scale.

And it is an attempt to make us “vaccine addicts.”

For a bunch of malevolent reasons, the “vaccine” cartel are making this biotechnology their key weapon in an attack on world populations.

The good news for me is that NOBODY wants to be an addicted to a government-sponsored harmful drug.

It is the ultimate form of slavery, enveloping your body and mind.

Even people who have taken the jab once, or twice, or even three times, will not want to take it every quarter for every year, as has been proposed. Some will, but the vast majority will not allow themselves to become addicted to the government drug.

By the Grace of God, these evil globalist drug pushers have attacked us in a way that will make us defend ourselves with the full power of our hearts, our souls, and our might.

They don’t have a chance.


“All COVID vaccine decisions are difficult. How informed are people really? Is consent just a mindless formality? Sign and get jabbed. Then what?

But the more you know about vaccine data and science, the more likely you will be motivated to seek alternatives to the vaccines. It will be hard work to regain medical freedom. The pro-vaccine army that permeates all big media will keep saying that vaccines are needed to save lives.”

“They conveniently ignore all the deaths and adverse health impacts. The unknown is whether these will increase enough to show the folly of their argument. Will the vaccine doomsayers be proven correct?”

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