No choice but to stop people who play god

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This is the great story of Jewish religious leader who dared to oppose Napoleon. Why did he? Because he saw that this emperor thought himself to be a god – and as such, the man would wreck havoc not only against the Jews, but against all people in Russia.

The rabbi felt he had no choice.

How many people today deem themselves to be a god? How many globalists and communists and bureaucrats seek to wrap the world around their own delusion of grandeur?

Yet how many people see their malevolent designs? So, so many; many more than the elitists who seek to rule over us. Even people who hold by no formal religion, can see the evil perpetrated by “leaders” who play god. And know that it must be stopped.

They know they have no choice.

The “Alter Rebbe” was a just a man, yet he felt compelled to dedicate his life to preventing another man from playing god. In doing so he helped save the world from further destruction.

You and I are also just ordinary people. But we are also called upon to put god-wannabe’s back in their place. Or else they will keep trying to destroy us

We have no choice.


“The founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, Rabbi Schneur Zalman lived and taught in White Russia all his life. How he came to rest in central Ukraine’s Poltava region, 600 kilometers south of Liadi, is part of the dramatic tale of the Hasidic master’s last journey in this world. It is also the story of a Jewish leader who, during the great and terrible year of 1812 confronted and ultimately helped to destroy Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor of the French and torchbearer of the Revolution, changing the trajectory of Jewish history and with it the world.

“Napoleon saw himself as nothing less than the secular Messiah. “I am called to change the face of the world; at least I believe so,” he wrote to his brother.”

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